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Frog connects you quickly and easily to the local groups, services and activities that can help you lead a healthy life.

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Register and promote your community group, activity or support services and help people find you.

Champions Cinema®

Powerful 60 second films showcasing lived experiences in the hope that they might help others.

The Champions Cinema®

Midge Ure explains why he supports the Champions Cinema

Musician, Producer and writer Midge Ure offers his support to the Champions Cinema

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Frog & Toad = Road. Frog is your road to health and wellbeing. Frog simply connects you to the support, care, groups and activities that are currently available to you locally.

Whether you’re seeking a local walking group, a keep fit class or a dementia support group, Frog will help you find it quickly and easily. And you can even find out about jobs and volunteering opportunities in your area.

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Champions Cinema®

Strong communities exist when real people, who are at the heart of neighbourhoods, want to, and can, make a genuine difference.

The Champions Cinema® is a new channel that harnesses the power of Peer Support by showcasing real stories and real experiences as told by survivors, loved ones and practitioners in short one-minute films.

Covering a diverse range of challenges such as breaking addiction, battling PTSD, coming out, to starting a sports club, the cinema provides a platform for people to show us that with the right support, spirit and hope others can succeed and thrive to.

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Finding a specific local support group is not easy - even with Google. It’s a classic conundrum – people want to find out about you online and yet you find managing a web site and promoting it complex. Frog allows you to promote your group, service or activity simply and easily.

You can even use Frog to find new staff and volunteers and its all FREE. Simply register and you’ll have a professional web presence within a few minutes. And if this still seems daunting – don’t worry we can do this for you. Simply call us on 0300 124 6868 today

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